La Agenda Centroamericana para el Siglo XXI The Agenda for Central American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century is a report that proposes a development strategy to insert Central America in the world economy, by increasing the competitiveness of its firms.  This idea, based on the theses of Michael E. Porter, is the result of an accord reached in 1995 by the presidents of the Central American republics and INCAE.

The Central America Project is a three-year collaborative venture between the Center for International Development at Harvard University and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) that began in September 1996. It provides policy analysis and strategic recommendations on international competitiveness and sustainable development for the 21st century to the Governments of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Conectándonos al Futuro de El Salvador is a project developed by the government of El Salvador and the World Bank in 1998-1999, with the participation of civil society associations and organizations, businesses, and central and local governments, to create a “society of learning” in El Salvador, capable of applying the modern information technologies.

Enfoque Estratégico Centroamericano sobre Reconstrucción y Transformación desde la Sociedad Civil Organizada Nacional y Regionalmente.  Reconstrucción y Desarrollo de Centroamérica Post-Mitch The annual General Assembly of the Civil Initiative for Central American Integration (ICIC) agreed in November 1998 to draft this document, which would be presented at the reunion of the Consultative Group for Central America in Stockholm (Sweden) in May 1999, and taken as the basis for a long-term working agenda in Central America.

Proyecto Estado de la Región I Informe Estado de la Región en Desarrollo Humano Sostenible was written under the auspices of the UN Regional Direction for Latin America and the Caribbean (DRALC-PNUD) and the Program for Democratization and Human Rights of the European Union.  The goal is to prepare, publish and disseminate a report on sustainable development, to help promote human development and regional integration in Central America.