Central America

·        Fundación Arias (Arias Foundation) The Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress is a non-profit organization devoted to the construction of fairer and peaceful societies in Central America.

o       Center for Human Progress The purpose of the Center is to promote equality of opportunities for women and gender equity for the Central American population. It proposes to achieve these goals by means of a process involving research, dissemination, education and communication. 

o       Center for Peace and Reconciliation The Center for Peace and Reconciliation (CPR) seeks to promote pluralistic participation in the search for and consolidation of strategies to achieve lasting peace and security. 

o       Center for Organized Participation The purpose of the Center for Organized Participation is to strengthen the participation and actions of civil society in Central America by working together with civil society organizations to consolidate their proactive role in the development of the region.

·        Ministerio de la Defensa Nacional de El Salvador Ministry of Defense of El Salvador.

·        PeaceWorks PeaceWorks is a New Jersey nonprofit tax-exempt organization which works to aid the peoples of the Americas and seeks progressive change in our nation. Our continuing mission: To embrace the people of the Americas in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala or in our own communities in the United States, in common struggle for justice, human rights, and sustainable economies; to work in our communities to inform ourselves and the public about Latin America and to help forge a progressive movement for change, empowering people to act for justice throughout the Americas; to recognize that their fight is our fight, their destiny is our destiny as the global economy weaves a fabric of interdependence.