Central America

·        Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica  (Central American Bank for Economic Integration) CABEI is the multilateral bank for the integration and development of Central America, whose purpose is to contribute in the raising of the quality of life of the population, providing financial and technical cooperation resources, so as to satisfy the needs of these countries within a culture of service and regional vision.












·        Centro de Formación para la Integración Regional CEFIR  The Formation Center for Regional Integration is a joint project of the European Union and the Rio Group to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between Europe and Latin America for the formulation, implementation and execution of public policies related to regional integration.


·        Comunidad Andina The Andean Community (former Andean Pact) is a subregional organization integrated by Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela and by the organs and institutions of the Andean Integration System.  The Andean System rested originally on the principle of import substitution, but has evolved into a project based on the principle of open regionalism.









·        Institute of Latin American Studies Stockholm University (LAIS) Relations between Sweden and Latin America became increasingly important since the beginning of this century. It was not, however, but after World War II, in 1951, that the increasing interest on the part of the Swedish government and the Swedish business community on expanding their knowledge of the region led to the creation of the Ibero American Library and Institute at the Stockholm School of Economics. Later on, in 1969, the Institute was reorganized as a national institute for studies on Latin America and was re-chartered as a government institution with the right to establish cooperation at a Nordic level


·         Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe (INTAL) The Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean is an international organization created by an agreement between the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of Argentina in 1964. Institutionally, INTAL is part of the Integration and Regional Programs Department of the IDB.  INTAL has been actively involved in research activities, technical cooperation for governments and institutions in the academic and business field, and training in support of the integration and regional cooperation processes. As of 1996, the Institute working plan is based upon a new conceptual and operational strategy which meets the demands and changes produced in the regional integration scenario in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as a response to the strong tendency towards the globalization of the economies which came about in the latest years around the world.


·        IRELA The Institute for European-Latin American Relations, based in Madrid (Spain), is an international research and consultant institution created by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Latin American Parliament on 2 September, 1985.  IRELA’s activities comprise research, political analysis, confidential consulting, organization of forums and seminars for dialogue and discussion, collection of economic, political, and social development data, as well as relations between Europe and Latin America.


·        MERCOSUR MERCOSUR is the customs union created by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay on 26 March, 1991.  Bolivia and Chile have signed trade agreements with MERCOSUR and have institutionalized an association relationship with it. The principle that led to the creation of MERCOSUR is the idea that extending the national markets of the member states through integration was the fundamental condition to speed up the process economic development and social justice.  MERCOSUR countries seek to make efficient use of their resources, to preserve their environment, to improve physical communication among themselves, and to complement every sector of their economies.








·         Sistema Andino de Integración - SAI The Andean integration System is made up by the organs and institutions that work together to deepen Andean subregional integration, its external promotion, and to strengthen its internal relations.  A meeting of the representatives of the organs and institutions that make up Sai takes place on a regular basis.


·        Sistema Económico Latinoamericano The Latin American Economic System (SELA) is a regional intergovernmental organization, headquartered in Caracas (Venezuela), which groups 28 Latin American and Caribbean countries. It seeks to foster extraregional and intraregional relations, as well as regional cooperation.


·        Unión Interparlamentaria The Inter-Parliamentary Union is the world organization of parliaments of sovereign States. It was established in 1889.  The Union is the focal point for worldwide parliamentary dialogue and works for peace and co-operation among peoples and for the firm establishment of representative democracy.